Making biodiesel with an IMB processor is easy and safe.  The unit comes assembled and ready to use.

All diesel engines will run smoothly on a blend of 50/50 biodiesel and  diesel.  Pre2004 vehicles will run on up to 100% biodiesel.

Most makes of home heating boilers ( Firebird, Grant, Warmflow etc) can easily be adjusted to run on biodiesel.

Our backup service is second to none. As well as a clearly written instruction manual you get a hands on training session. Our helpline is available 7 days a week and you get 150 euros worth of lab tests free with your processor. 

We can put you in touch with a licensed waste oil collector who can supply you with clean dry wvo, very suitable for biodiesel conversion.

The IMB150 , see photo opposite, is ideal for someone running one or two vehicles. Compact and easy to operate, it makes 150 litres of fuel with two and a half hours labour time.  It features our unique drywash system which takes all the hassle and mess out of making biodiesel. Euro 895 complete.

The IMB 300 is a larger unit suitable for businesses. It has  the same features as the 150 but makes double the amount.   To see a picture of this unit go to the photo gallery. Euro 1295 complete.

A no obligation  demonstration can be arranged, weekdays or weekends.

Phone  086 3169230 if you have any questions.

Latest news.

A new updated and simplified user manual is now available.  The section on caustic stripping has been completed now that the system has been fully tested.  Other useful upgrades have been added .  I would recommend you switch to the new manual, just email me on [email protected] for a copy.